About Us
Excel Plastics Tek Ltd. (EPT) was founded in 2011 with the intent providing our customers with a world-class solutions to engineering and manufacturing programs. We are fully staffed with a global range of the highly skilled and motivated professionals. Excel Plastics Tek Ltd. (EPT)
Cooperate Mission
Quality Cost  Service Delivery

EPT is dedicated to sustain the core values of “Responsible business management”. We anticipate becoming an integral part of the solutions to any form of municipality or government that we choose to work with.

(1) Obey the laws and operate legally.
(2) We consider employees as working partners, and ensure the reasonable offers.
(3) Environment Health and Safety are high priority for management. We expect 0% of working place accident and injuries.
(4) No political affiliations.
(5) Provide our staffwith a safe &friendly working environment!

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